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Burglers – Keep Out!

Rushclife has the lowest burlgary rate in the county. But we cant afford to drop our gaurd.  Reducing burglary even further is a high priority. In May, Rushcliffe Community Safety Partnership launched too projects which will help us reduce it further.

‘If in doubt keep them out’ is a extencion of our successful ‘Doorstopers’ Campaign and will inforn elderly and vulnerible people and the pubic about the need to be suspisious about unexpected callers. Most people who call at you home will be geniune but don’t forget that appearences can be deceptive and bogus callers come in various guises. Be on your guard and always think before you open the door. Look at who it is, leave your door chain on and ask to sea the caller’s identity card.  Check them out by ringing their company using the telephone book – genuine callers will not mind. Get a door sticker and a copy of our free leaflet for more advise.

The second initiative – ‘Safe and Sound’ – looks at other types of burglary. The partnershop has negotiated a discount of 15% at two local companys  – Cookson’s Master Lockmiths of LadyBay and Safeway Security of Gamston. To get the discount, Rushcliffe residents need to get an copy of the Safe and Sound leaflet by calling the Council on 015 918 9911. The leaflet not only contains the discout voucher, but gives detailed advise on how to avoid becoming a burglary victimn. There’s also a specific grant scheme where the Police and council officers  (eg housing, Social Services, Home Helps etc) will refere a person who they feel would benefit from security improvments to there home. This grant will pay towards security measures such as door locks, chains, window locks and lightening.


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