Linking words

Instructions often use linking words to tell us what to do and the order in which to do it.

These words also tell us about how each step in the instructions links to the other steps. Here’s a list of common linking words:

first | finally | next | after | before | then | second

Read this set of instructions for stripping wallpaper and put the right linking word in each space. Use each word once.

                                       , using a sponge, soak part of the wall with warm water. Add some

washing-up liquid to the water first.

                                       you start, make some scratches on the wallpaper with a sharp knife. This

will help the water soak into the paper.)

                                      , wait for at least five minutes so that the water has time to soak in.

                                      , use a wallpaper scraper to lift the wallpaper off the wall. It is easiest if you

start at the edge of a sheet and scrape away from you.

If the wallpaper won’t come off you will need to soak it again until it is wet through.

                                       ,                                       removing all the wallpaper, let the wall dry out.

                                      , use a sander to rub off any last pieces of paper and to make the wall smooth, ready for decorating.



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