Sweet tweets or tweet retreats!

Mistakes can cost you your job, your relationship and lots of money. Social media provides a public platform that make gaffes very visible at speed.

Tweet something silly and you could become a viral campaign of the very wrong kind – the difference between ending up ‘red’ or ‘read’.

Twitter mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t tweet from your work’s account, when it should have come from your personal account.
  2. Never tweet insensitive things eg deaths or bad things about where you work.
  3. Don’t tweet at 4.30am when no one else is awake
  4. Don’t post aggressively as it makes people feel uncomfortable
  5. Don’t tweet with spelling mistakes or you’ll look like a numpty
  6. Don’t be vague eg “This is terrible!” with no explanation – include a link to an article or picture so people can understand.
  7. Retweet other people’s good posts – give some to get some.
  8. Be catchy and catch people’s interest by being relevant, funny, newsworthy
  9. Tweet throughout the day. Don’t just tweet in one burst or you become irritating and people may unfollow you.

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