It’s all about spelling

I have been responsible over the years for a few howlers which I will own up to in residents’ newsletters – but all of them have been spotted and some unfortunatley made the news (in the wrong sort of way!). In my 20s – and I thought I could spell! – on the front cover of Ashfield News I put my name and job title – pubic (should be public) relations officer (not a good start for a new job!). Twenty years later and I still hadn’t learnt my lesson when at Rushcliffe I was writing a story about a prison expanding and I gave it the title HMS Whatton and not HMP Whatton which is correct. I got a lot of emails and letters whch were extremely witty asking me if the prison was floating up the Trent or when was it going out to sea?

If you spell things wrong it makes you look like an idot if your job is communications. Even if you use a spell checker, it doesn’t pick up all the mistakes so you still need to thoroughly proofread all the content and the titles to check for howlers!

Which is the correct spelling?


Philanthropy philanthrapy  
Coalese Coalesce  
Superceed Supercede  
Diarhoea Diarrhea  
Seize Sieze  
Occurence Ocurrence  
Seperate Separate  
harras harrass  
Minuscule Miniscule  
Momento Memento  
Weird Wierd  
Precede Preceed  




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